Fire prevention manager in accommodation

A one-day web-based course for fire prevention managers ("brannvernansvarlige") in accommodations

Price: NOK 2800

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Are you responsible for the fire prevention work?

When new Norwegian regulations on fire safety came in 2016, the duties of the owner and user of buildings were made clearer than before.

Therefore, we have made this one-day course for you who are responsible for the fire prevention work in your business — whether you are the fire prevention manager, or the owner's or user's representative when it comes to the fire prevention work.

The course is 100 % web-based, which means that you can take the lessons when you have time. All in all, it takes about seven hours to complete the course. But you take it at your own pace.

When you have completed the course, you will receive a course certificate in the mail. You will also get access to documents which you can use as templates in your fire prevention work.


Duration: Approximately seven hours


  • You learn what the regulations say about your duties and how you can maneuver in the jungle of laws and regulations. This enables you to get an overview of relevant rules and tasks.
  • You get a complete overview of the duites of the owner and the user of a building and a business, so you don't have to do double work.
  • We go through what lies in the term "systematical safety work", and you get simple instructions on how to do this work yourself.
  • You learn about different fire preventive measures. This is taught through the use of examples from "the real world". In that way, you will be able to do what is needed to prevent a fire.
  • You will also see examples of fire traps from different buildings at various locations in Norway. This will give you the understanding of how a fire can start, and how you can prevent a fire.
  • You will learn how to make simple risk assessments on fires and other incidents which may occur. This enables you to assess what risk you and your business are exposed to.
  • You will learn how to perform engaging exercises and trainings, so that you activate your colleagues and others.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us by telephone, +47 932 97 784, or by email, [email protected].

Price: NOK 2800

Course goal

1. To make you more confident in the role as fire prevention manager

2. To enable you to satisfy the requirements to fire safety through simple and easy to understand instructioins.

3. You will get knowledge that is vital the day an unwanted incident occurs.

Benefits of signing up

You take the course at your own pace — in front of your computer.

You will be able to meet the requirements set by the authorities when it comes to fire safety.

The course gives you knowledge that can be used in other areas as well — such as how to make risk assessments.

One year access!

Although the course takes only seven hours to complete, you have access to it for a whole year — 365 days. That means that you can take the course at your own pace.

You can also go back and watch instructional videos over again when you need to.

Who are we?

Einang Safety Consult AS (ESC) offers consultant services, courses, and training within the fields of fire safety, HSE, readiness, and leadership — to both private and public enterprises and businesses.


With 14 years of experience from the fire department — as firefighter, fire engineer, and fire chief — I have been on "the other side". Therefore, I know a whole lot about what you need in your fire prevention and safety work.

WHat does previous attendees say about this course?

(The quotes below are feedback on the Norwegian version of this course, and have been translated from their original Norwegian wording).
I participated in a course with Einang Safety at Stord in February 2017. This course is absolutely recommendable. Einang has good knowledge of the regulations, and she has experience from the fire department. She is also good at conveying that knwledge.

Karianne Stadheim
CEO Fjellheim FUS
outdoor kindergarden

TOday, there are many laws and regulations to familiarize oneself with. At the same time, there are many practical things to be aware of when it comes to fire safety. Therefore, it is important to receive regular training on this topic. The course was informative and instructive. There were several new things that are important to know about. The instructor had several practival examples, together with theory, which made the course very good and easy to follow. I recommend this course to everyone.

Asle Natås Lægreid
Manager and fire prevention manager
Eitrheimsvågen kindergarden


Einang Safety Consult with Karine holds incredibly engaging courses with highly professional content.

Kolbjørn Bakken
Leader fire prevention unit,
Hol fire department

Price: NOK 2800

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